Mathieu Montreuil
Minimal Move
a Gameplay Game Designer's portfolio

I’m a Gameplay Game Designer with an intense focus on Controls, Cameras, learning curves and UX.

My approach is 50% Game Design, 50% coding.

I’m only satisfied when the game 'feels' amazing.

I’m always searching for the intersection of tech, art and psychology.

I’m also known for crazy prototyping skills in Unity, and for guiding programmers to do amazing things.


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DESS degree in Game Design from the Université de Montréal.

Bachelor degree in Video Game Development from UQAC.

"Starting a Business" short training from SAJE Montréal.

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3C specialist (Camera / Character / Controls), Gameplay and Game Feel expert.

Exceptional ability to guide Programmers to push the design and UX, even in highly complex code.

Rapid prototyping, gameplay programming in C#, 8 years of experience with Unity.

Gameplay balancing, bottom-up design of game mechanics, learning curves and cognitive load.

Game Design Documentation, game flows, UI wireframes and tutorials.

Level Design, RLD (Rational Level Design), grey boxing.

Level and Gameplay programming: Controls, Cameras, AI, Platforms, Weapons, Events, Shaders, Graphics.


Software and tools: Unity expert, Photoshop, Excel & Numbers, PowerPoint & Keynote, Perforce & SVN.

PC (and Mac) development. Steam specific features including Steam Controller.

iOS (and Android) development: Xcode, iTunes Connect, App Store Review Guidelines and Apple HIG.

PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, SteamVR development: VR specific in-world UI/UX, conventions and spatial limitations.

Excellent knowledge of video game history and of current trends.

Fluent in French and English (spoken and written).