Mathieu Montreuil
Minimal Move
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Chop Chop Ninja Challenge for Teletoon:
Play for free on the Teletoon website!

So you want to be a Chop Chop Ninja? Think you can match Iro, Jo, Testuo and Neeko’s Ninja Skills?

Then you found the right place! The Chop Chop Ninja Challenge is exactly where you need to be! Ninjas-in-Training finally have somewhere to hone their ninja skills and train with fellow ninjas!

Chop Chop Ninja Challenge is a game based on the series of cartoons from the Chop Chop Ninja universe. Each one features four characters as they compete in individual challenges that test their skills.



Game Designer & Level Designer

Responsible for Game Design, gameplay programming (Controls, Weapons, Camera, Platforms), Level Design, integration, analytics.

Team of 3, Unity Web Player.