Mathieu Montreuil
Minimal Move
a Gameplay Game Designer's portfolio

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A ninja comes to the help of the kingdom
Fight dozens of enemies indeed
For the first time ever play as a ninjette
Night level and full moon
Upgrade your weapons
Use power-ups and boosts

Chop Chop Ninja World™ is an epic, action-packed platform game where you play as a ninja, the kingdom’s sole defender against the evil Shogun’s might!

Travel to faraway locales and explore treacherous terrain all in the hopes of rescuing your Princess! Use your special ninja abilities, and arsenal of upgradeable weapons in the fight to liberate your kingdom!

Every ounce of your device’s power was squeezed to create ridiculously good-looking graphics and varied environments. Yeah, the enemies look great too… but who CARES? You just want to Chop-Chop them off the screen as fast as possible, right?
Your Kingdom Needs You! Following the huge success of Chop Chop Ninja™ (Over 7.2 Million Downloads), Gamerizon is proud to present Chop Chop Ninja World™!

- Ridiculously good-looking graphics
- 3 rich worlds, each filled with their own unique characters and threats!
- 30 levels of high-flying platforming adventure!
- Fight with one of 5 customizable ninja weapons!
- Choose your Ninja’s fighting style, with 5 upgradeable abilities!



Game Designer / Lead Level Designer / Gameplay Programmer

Gameplay programming for the Camera, Platforms and Events.

GDD, RLD, Level Design for 15+ levels, level scripting.

Integration, graphics programming (custom shaders, VFX

Team of 25, Unity iPhone and iPad.