Mathieu Montreuil
Minimal Move
a Gameplay Game Designer's portfolio

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Quintuple bazooka and flying pigs
A big boss for a big reward
You can feel the Donkey Kong Country vibe

Roar, shoot and explode your way to the top of the Jungle!

Get hunting with bazookas, machine guns and shotguns! Hungry for a smorgasbord of juicy meats and sushis? Shoot flying pigs, crazy birds and fish. The jungle is an all-you-can-eat buffet for Hungry Hank, the deadliest tiger in the jungle!

Jungle Rumble offers a brand new blend of infinite running and old-school action.
Equip your weapon and get ready to hunt! Explore the Jungle, avoid traps that block your way, aim and shoot the best you can. The more precise you are, the more meat you will be able to gather.

Hungry Hank’s appetite never diminishes and he needs food, more food, tons of food!
In Jungle Rumble, embark on an EPIC quest for food across the luxurious Jungle.
Are you hungry enough?



Lead Game Designer / Level Designer / Gameplay Programmer

Gameplay programming for the Controls, Camera, Weapons, Platforms, AI and Prototyping.

GDD, RLD, Level Design for 30+ levels, level scripting, integration.

Analytics: extraction and data analysis of all events.

Organization and management of several playtests.

Team of 6, Unity iPhone, iPad and Android.