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  • Lead Game Designer on a 10-developer strike team for RollerCoaster Tycoon World, the newest installment in the RCT franchise from Atari. Responsible for:

Full design for the 2nd USP of the game: the Piece-by-Piece Builder. Includes all UI/UX flows, all UI wireframes, buildings render targets, all the specs and behaviours for the 250 pieces across 4 themes, Auto-Stacking and Angle Snapping systems, Grouping system, Blueprint system upgrades, Grid upgrades, controls and manipulation tools specifications, camera specifications, UGC specifications.

Presentation, walkthrough and Q&A on a Twitch live stream in August 2016 for the release of the Piece-by-Piece Builder.


  • Gameplay (3C) Game Designer for RollerCoaster Tycoon World. Responsible for:
Main Game Designer for the 1st USP of the game: the new Coaster Builder. Includes UI/UX flows and UI wireframes, all specifications for the Freeform Mode and the Segment Mode with their state machine, the Specialty loops and tracks specifications, the controls and camera specifications, and the innovative Test tab with its heat maps visualizations.

Full design of all Cameras: Park Cam, Coaster Cam, Ride Cam, Peeps Cam, Free Cam.

Full design of all Controls: keyboard, mouse, Steam Controller and others.

Jointly designed the on-demand Grid and Object Snapping system, the Terrain Deformation Tools, the scenery and rides placement UX and interactions, the initial Campaign and tutorials.

Management and analysis of multiple playtest sessions.

Public presentation of the pre-alpha of the Coaster Builder at PAX Prime 2015 in Seattle.