Mathieu Montreuil
Minimal Move
a Gameplay Game Designer's portfolio


Q: What is Zero Shade?

Zero Shade is a binary stealth game.
Stealth means 2 opponents play cat and mouse by hiding in plain sight. It is binary simply because each level has 2 main colours, and the player can hide by blending in the environment with one button press. It is also a humble side project being developed by myself.

Q: Which platforms will it be available on?
The latest version is currently compatible with iOS, Mac OS X and Windows. Multiplayer matches work across platforms: iOS vs Mac/PC.

Q: Great, when can I play Zero Shade?

When it's ready!

Q: How do I play the solo missions?

Zero Shade has 2 main modes: the solo missions and the multiplayer matches. At the core of the solo missions is our new character: Zero the chameleon!


Zero the chameleon got inside a strange world by accident. He walks around inside a full 3D world, but it’s about 2D movement just like before!

He can walk around but of course he can hide in some areas:

Being a true chameleon, he can change colour to stay hidden in plain sight:

Strange bots are running after you…and will decimate you in a blink of an eye!

Grab this item as fast as you can to complete the level:

You can get 3 stars for each level:
- FAST star: complete level under 30 seconds
- OCD star: destroy all bots
- STEALTHY star: never get discovered

Q: How do I play the multiplayer matches?

The 2nd game mode of Zero Shade is the multiplayer matches. The 1st player still starts as Zero The Chameleon, while the 2nd player controls the evil bots.


The player 1 uses the same controls as in the solo missions.

The player 2 controls the bots simply by selecting them and telling them where to go. The bots fire automatically when the chameleon is in sight.

Of course when Zero The Chameleon changes color, the 2nd player doesn't see him at all.

Uh-oh, I think the other player is suspecting something...


Q: What are the aesthetic goals for Zero Shade?

Zero Shade is about the joy of hiding behind the living room curtain while your brother runs past you: hidden in plain sight. I’m trying to evoke specific experiences such as:

  • Tropisms: the actions we do without cognitive thought, which are short, intense but unexplained. Not reflexes, rather instinctive actions.

  • Pattern recognition within colours.

  • Peripheral vision.

  • Attention to the subtle and the quiet.

  • Partial information and deduction.

  • Asymmetric roles.

Also, Zero Shade aims to provide a seriously smooth online experience, i.e. quick and invisible server-client setup for the player. Because online gaming is not about servers, it is about bringing 2 remote humans on 1 common couch with some magic.

Q: I think the gameplay reminds me of something.
Hey, that’s not a question. But yes, Zero Shade comes from different gameplay inspirations: Team Fortress 2, SpyParty (which is not out yet, but looks really awesome), Assassin’s Creed, Metal Gear Solid and Pac-Man. Even though the stealth genre is familiar, I like to think that Zero Shade adds an Ikaruga-like flavour.

Q: What's next?

So far Zero Shade is still in the conception phase. You can contact me if you are interested in trying the new Zero Shade :)